Vacation Rentals Nicaragua was founded by Suyen Vargas Lunin in San Juan del Sur on the southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua in 2005. The company was formed to meet the growing demand for Vacation Home Rentals in Nicaragua and give the full range of services demanded by foreign and local tourists. Aurora is a Nicaraguan company with extensive knowledge and experience conducting business in Nicaragua.

Always with an eye towards the future, in 2007 Aurora Vacation Rentals expanded its services to include Property Management Services. This branch of the company rents and manages vacation rental property in the San Juan del Sur area of southern Nicaragua. There is a growing demand for high-end vacation homes in Nicaragua and Aurora grew to meet this need.

Later in the same year Aurora Leon, Beachfront and Colonial Realty opened it's doors. This branch covers the Pacific coast of Nicaragua from the Honduran border to the beaches west of Managua. Now Aurora Leon Realty and Vacation Rentals Nicaragua have joined forces to form Vacation Rentals Leon.

As more and more investors come to Nicaragua it was important to the Aurora team to have experts on beach property along the entire coast of Nicaragua.

Suyen Vargas, Vacation Rentals Nicaragua

Suyen Vargas
(868) 806-15

Born in Leon, Nicaragua. Suyen moved south to San Juan del Sur after Graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations. Started the Vacation Rental business after working as an assitant manager for the United Nations office in Leon.


Jordan Clark, Nicaragua Real Estate

Jordan P. Clark
8672-3566 / 415-839-6690

Born in Atlanta, Georgia Jordan Clark is no stranger to hot weather.
After graduating from the University of Vermont, Jordan joined the Peace Corps and lived in the Western Highlands of Guatemala in a small Mayan Village. He worked with local peach and apple farmers to create a sustainable way to utilize and market their produce.

After traveling to Nicaragua during his time in Guatemala, Jordan fell in love with the people and the country. He always vowed to return to Central America and the culture he loved so much. Five years after moving to San Francisco and working in finance, Jordan bought a house in San Juan del Sur and talked his wife-to-be, Brooke, into moving to Nicaragua, and the rest is history.

Nine years later, Jordan Clark and his wife, Brooke and their daughter Nina Leon Clark have made Leon, Nicaragua their home. They have also invested in Leon, purchasing and restoring a 100 year-old Colonial house in the center of town as well as buying a 9 acre farm on the beach in Chinandega and re-erecting an old barn from the 50's as their beach getaway. With Jordan's love for adventure and determination to unearth the history of virtually every property on the northern coast (no matter how many bowls of Iguana soup he had to eat with local farmers) he managed to create an extensive hassle-free listing database of northern Nicaraguan properties that was nonexistent before. Through this experience he can offer his clients an unparalleled knowledge of the properties and issues of this region.

Aurora Leon, Beachfront and Colonial Realty

Address: 1 block and 20 meters North of the Cathedral. Leon, Nicaragua
Phone: Nicaragua: (505) 8672-3566

Aurora Beachfront Realty

Address: 1 block east from restaurante El Timon. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Phone: Nicaragua: (505) 8884-7141


Aurora Bienes Raices

Run by Aurora Gurdian and Maria Teresa Robleto, they are located in the Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua.
Address: Estancia Santo Domingo # 28, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone: US: (305)433-4037      Nicaragua: 2276-2506 / 08, Cel: 8887-6879

Vacation Rentals Nicaragua

We have the best home rentals in southern Nicaragua, our office is located in san Juan del Sur.
Address: Rest. El Timon, 1 block to the east. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Phone: US: (323) 908-6730     Nicaragua: (505) 8884-7141, (505) 2568-2498